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Online Voice Lessons

So I guess people are accustomed to me talking about technical subjects instead of something artsy, but, oh well, I can be taught, and I can venture out into the unknown from time to time.  Meaning, I am not a completely boring person.  I am somewhat cultured.  I go to the theatre occasionally, and I DO love music and have a level of art appreciation that others might not expect, but whatever.  Judge me.  I don’t care.  I know many might think me a complete nerd, but I have a well-developed palette for art music and food, so just deal with it.

I was wondering, recently, if I should audition for a community theatre production of Oklahoma, and I kinda chickened out, but not before I made some unusual discoveries.  I was impressed to find out that there area all kinds of people online offering online voice lessons for the impaired like me.  I was pleasantly surprised considering I figured most voice teachers were old, stogy and not technically inclined.  I was excited to discover D’Lytha.  She’s anything but old, or technically ignorant.  She’s young, beautiful, experienced on and off stage and is offering incredible online voice instruction for a fraction of the cost of some other instructors.

She’s been in hundreds of productions, studied, voice, dance, piano, saxaphone.  She’s a veritable music virtuoso and has an incredible education from OU as well as from TWU.  I couldn’t believe, honestly, that she wasn’t too busy performing on Broadway or something.  She’s actually stepped down from her heavenly position to offer online voice lessons to the lowly and decrepit here on planet earth!  It was a stunning discovery.

I think it’s a rather cool opportunity  for joe schmo like me to have the opportunity to study with someone accomplished, so I couldn’t help but put her links and information here.  She’s awesome and my experience in private singing lessons with D’Lytha was super cool.  She’s thorough, personable, and honest.  I had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the experience.

\You might think it wouldn’t be worth the time… maybe you’d think that it’d just have to be in person to be worthwhile, but I can say from experience that this isn’t true.  Doing the lesson via Skype, which is the app she uses, was just fine.  Sound and audio were clear.  Everything happened in real time and I had a blast.  Of course, I felt like an idiot hearing myself squawk like I was, but in the end I felt anything but regret.  I had songs resonating in my head the rest of the day and I actually felt affirmed and knowledgeable about improving my skills.  Who knew that this techie could ever feel that way?

Anwyay, when you get a chance, please check out:  http://www.dlytha.com for more information.  The website is thorough… helpful…. you can even buy ballet shoes.  ;)

Check out her article link as well.  I really enjoyed this one and it’a about online lessons too. :  http://www.dlytha.com/sample-page/online-voice-lessons/