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My first post

I can’t wait to start writing.  I love to write and I’m excited about blogging for the first time.  It’s rather unusual that I’m starting on May 1st.  I didn’t choose to do that on purpose, but it’s a nice round number and it’ll be easy to remember.  Maybe it’ll serve as a ‘click’ or mile-marker for myklikz.com to help me mark time and remember humble beginnings.

I hope to utilize this site to document information that I think ought to be available to all people.  I love the internet’s ability to connect us all across oceans and languages, and I’m sure there are ideas, inventions, and opportunities that I have knowledge of that others need to be aware of as well.  Maybe this site will allow me to vent through writing as well as to share what I have discovered with others.  If you discover my site, please enjoy!