Have you ever had the privilege of lying all day in a Hammock?  It sounds lazy, I realize, but we all know we dream of lying in a hammock on the beach, sipping umbrella drinks, or just dozing the day away.  Achieving that luxury here in the states is always possible but your selection of hammocks here can leave you with some limitations and bring your tropical dream to an end when you’re rubbing your elbows on a less than comfortable burlap or hammock made from rope.

A truly luxurious and gratifying hammock experience requires a hammock made  by someone in the know — someone who lives the hammock life.  I recently discovered a cool vendor carrying a hammock that fits the bill… supple, authentic Mayan hammocks that are durable, soft and oh-so-comfortable.

Not only are they the perfect pairing for your afternoon nap, but they are also affordable and easy to achieve from Surf City Hammocks.

Go check them out…  Click here to link out to the store.  Get your vacation on as soon as possible… right in your own back yard.


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