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SEO Obsession

SEO is one of the most excessively used buzz-acronyms I hear others say in our time.  Not too long ago, I gabbed with someone who, like droves of people, begged me, ”…is that an acronym for something I should know about?”  This particular guy or gal may represent most of the populous, but I believe that SEO is likely to become a common household word in a very limited time period, the way ‘dot com’ became a term almost every guy is now familiar with.   SEO means “Search Engine Optimization,” and its a way of using various skills, some odd and some weird, to improve the web design, content, links, and rate of occurrence of content added in order to allure analysis measures within the search engine matrices… so that a business can rank for certain search words… so that a business or product can be stumbled upon while you’re using a Google search.  This design, based on an array of specific factors, will even change from time to time as Google makes necessary adjustments.   The practice of SEO is changing and developing constantly and I become acquainted with a guy or gal each month who claims to be “doing SEO” or as a home based business.  Because of the ever-changing climate of web business, I suppose this drift might drag on indefinitely, but the mix of people who  follow through with SEO and grow into capable masters in its dynamic and highly competitive game will most likely be a limited batch.  This is very likely true, by the way, with lots of niche lines of work but the untapped land of SEO is unusual and offers a fantastic opportunity for a few with the ingenuity to risk it as their permanent profession.   With favorable results from emerging websites such as 30ASEO dot com, it bodes well for a small lot who would have the nature to master the work and carry on moving forward.   There is lots of coin to be earned, not only for search engine optimization companies helping small businesses catch-on, but for the obsessed who consumes the magic and then works it for himself or herself to cash in on their own brand or product.   Despite this grand potential, the optimization process can be trying business- grueling for the computer-phobe and often produces an extraordinary handicap to be made up for the fresh face attempting to make the leap –definitely if they are anticipating he or she will have a career gambling with it.  And to the programmer, computer language expert or common web designer, optimization can seem more of a realm for the creative mind.  The innovative salesman who may also have a stronghold in web design would be the model candidate to succeed in the website optimization trade.   I expect to see and hear a lot more about the trend for a bit longer, but I surmise I’ll see and hear more subsequent large scale wearing away of the sheer number of contenders in the SEO universe.  This won’t likely be because search engine optimization will lose its edge, but it’ll be because very few posses the nimble mind essential to struggle on in the ever-changing working environment.  In this time,  I’m hoping you’ll link out to A-listers like your SEO adventurers awaiting you at

My first post

I can’t wait to start writing.  I love to write and I’m excited about blogging for the first time.  It’s rather unusual that I’m starting on May 1st.  I didn’t choose to do that on purpose, but it’s a nice round number and it’ll be easy to remember.  Maybe it’ll serve as a ‘click’ or mile-marker for to help me mark time and remember humble beginnings.

I hope to utilize this site to document information that I think ought to be available to all people.  I love the internet’s ability to connect us all across oceans and languages, and I’m sure there are ideas, inventions, and opportunities that I have knowledge of that others need to be aware of as well.  Maybe this site will allow me to vent through writing as well as to share what I have discovered with others.  If you discover my site, please enjoy!